LPE will be presenting our range of 3D Printing processes and materials available at the Sustainable Skies World Summit 2024 on the 15th and 16th May at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre.

The Sustainable Skies Summit will showcase the latest developments in sustainable aviation technology and provide a forum to discuss how industry can move in earnest from goal setting to implementation of its net zero strategies. The event will also highlight opportunities for the next generation of engineers and young people who will make jet zero a reality, and address the future workforce challenge.

The adoption of additive manufacturing (AM), commonly known as 3D printing, is revolutionizing the aerospace industry by providing efficient and innovative solutions. AM has rapidly gained traction among industry giants, offering benefits such as reduced disruption, energy consumption, and costly downtime.

“We are seeing a huge increase in aerospace enquiries across the board for 3D printed parts, both for development and production, plastics and metals. Due to this, we have recently achieved AS9100, giving our aerospace customers absolute confidence in the service we provide. Our presentation at Sustainable Skies allows us to show¬† new and existing clients the huge potential for sustainable, innovative production through Additive Manufacturing , obviously using LPE as an expert partner!” Campbell Evans, Sales Director

One of the key advantages of AM lies in its ability to consolidate multiple parts into a single printed component. This consolidation streamlines downstream manufacturing and assembly processes, simplifies supply chains, and reduces material waste, thus decreasing the carbon footprint associated with aerospace product manufacturing.

AM is versatile and finds applications beyond component production. It is utilized for rapid prototyping, product development, MRO and tool creation. Coupled with the ability to produce  lighter AND stronger components than traditional manufacturing methods, Additive Manufacturing offers fast, efficient and sustainable solutions, driving innovation with minimal environmental impact.

We will be presenting at the Innovator Hub on Thursday 16th at 14:00 on the benefits of 3D Printing for aerospace development and production.

We would love to chat with new and existing customers about the exciting possibilities for Additive Manufacturing in the aerospace sector. Please come along to the summit, or contact Campbell Evans to arrange a chat or meeting 028 90 70 69 40

For further information, including how to register for the 2 day event FREE, click here

Sustainable Skies World Summit 2024 | Farnborough International

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