Belfast bureau installs Viper Si2

Belfast based bureau Laser Prototypes (Europe) Ltd has acquired a new Viper Si2 machine, the first new high definition rapid prototyping system to be installed in Ireland.

The company is the longest established rapid prototyping bureau in Ireland and the UK, and this is the third SLA machine now operating at the Belfast site.

The Viper Si2 is the first stereolithography system to provide standard and high-resolution build modes in one package. Models can be built at 0.05mm layer thickness giving previously unachievable part definition and detail.

The new machine builds parts as large as 10 inches cubed, and offers the very latest in high definition modelling, building ultra detailed parts in high-resolution as well as standard parts in a wide range of the latest functional SLA resins.

The Viper can build parts with a smooth surface finish, excellent optical clarity, high accuracy, and thin, straight vertical walls and is ideal for rapid modelling and prototyping, injection moulding and investment casting.

The accompanying new SLA resins, including the latest ABS and polypropylene simulant materials, also offer customers a wide choice of functional and aesthetic options.

“We are delighted to be introducing the latest Viper machine,” says Laser Prototypes’ sales director Campbell Evans. “Added to our existing range of prototyping services including SLA, Selective Laser Sintering, vacuum casting, investment casting and CNC machining as well as a full range of finishing services, the new Viper allows us to continue to offer the most comprehensive package of prototyping services available throughout Ireland and the U.K.

“There is enormous potential and a wide range of applications for this new machine, which includes medical and surgical equipment, fine jewellery, as well as aerospace, automotive and consumer products.”

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