A rapid prototyping service is only as useful as the range of materials it can use, and at LPE we are always working to expand that range.  With eight different SLA materials, five SLS, two DMLS, over twenty-five vacuum casting, and a limitless choice for CNC we are sure to have the materials required to meet your project needs.

We have recently expanded our metal sintering range, which now includes aluminium as well as stainless steel.  Aluminium is a lighter material, and can be built to an even higher resolution with a layer thickness as fine as 15 microns.  This allows the design and construction of extremely fine, complex parts in metal, perfect for builds in which a balance of both strength and weight are important factors.  Where strength and durability are paramount we offer stainless steel parts with a level of finishing matching specifications.  All of our metal sintering is available with our rapid turnaround times of as little as three days.

Vacuum casting is an area in which we have a wide range of material choices and properties already available- flexible, tough, temperature resistant, medically approved, flame retardant, and a variety of elastomers and transparent parts.  To add to this we have recently introduced ‘Food Safe’ ABS, which has been approved by the FDA for use around foodstuffs.

Our range of SLA materials also covers several of the most important properties prototype materials need to have, with flexible materials, transparent, tough, and high temperature all readily available to build.  Similarly, our SLS range has tough reinforced nylon, flame retardant, aluminium filled and polystyrene based materials available.

The options for CNC are extremely diverse; the machine will happily mill any material.  We keep a ready supply of the more common requests and have several suppliers for the most esoteric materials to ensure that you get you project turned around in a matter of days.

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