LPE have invested in 3 brand-new DyeMansion Machines, bringing expansive new SLS finishing capabilities in-house with a now fully automated post-processing system. In-keeping with the company’s continued commitment to make the latest technology available to clients, the machines will cut lead-times, reduce prices, and guarantee production-grade surface quality for SLS service customers.

Parts will now come with a smooth semi-glossy finish – the ‘enhanced look and feel’ that DyeMansion’s innovative technology is so well known for.

The delicate, automated cleaning process of the ‘Powershot Series’ machines will ensure complete removal of residue without any compromise to definition, features, or  dimensional accuracy.

The DM60 Dyeing machine takes LPE beyond the traditional method of manual pot dyeing to the modern, traceable, and quality-certified system of Industrial DeepDye Colouring (DDC). SLS parts will now be available to LPE customers in any colour. The unique, patented DDC system available only to DyeMansion machine owners, enables for the first time, dyed SLS parts which are biocompatible, safe for food contact, and heat & light resistant.

“We’re delighted to have these cutting-edge machines added to our arsenal. This truly changes things for our SLS customers quite significantly, and we’re excited to get working on some finished parts for them and to hear their feedback.” – Tom Walls (Managing Director).

With millions of pounds in funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), German-based DyeMansion’s fully integrated, ‘print-to-production’ solution for industrial 3D Printing is the first of its kind to be developed. LPE’s purchase of both Powershot machines; the Powershot C (cleaning), and Powershot S (surfacing), as well as the DM60 (dyeing), means they now have every function of the solution in-house.

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