We’re excited to announce the publication of the paper for our latest R&D collaboration project. This research was carried out under the UK-wide “Catalyst” programmes, which aim to support research & development in technology, energy & biotech.

We’d like to thank the 4 Doctors from Ulster University; Ryan Harkin, Hao Wu, Sagar Nikam & Shaun McFadden, who worked in partnership with our own Patrick Walls & Wilson McKay, for their dedicated and thorough approach.

This was the 3rd study we’ve carried out on powder degradation in 3D Printing builds, with this one examining Titanium powder. It has helped enhance our understanding of parameter control, including the effect of process parameter variation and powder re-use on the mechanical properties of builds.

Studies of this kind are increasingly important as 3D Printing becomes a more widely used method for final-use part production. Knowledge in such areas help maximise accuracy and consistency in achieving particular mechanical properties with different builds.

We’ll be seeking to launch similar research projects in the future, with a particular focus on our newest metals: Inconel and maraging steel.

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View the full paper here.

Titanium 3D Printing Research

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