Selective Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering

 Selective Laser Sintering – tough, functional prototypes.


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), popular for product testing and design verification, offers exceptional strength and functionality, in a range of powder based materials. Models produced using the Selective Laser Sintering process can withstand rigorous testing and high temperatures (up to 150ºC), making them ideal for use in under bonnet applications, impact testing and even as final production components.

“Thanks for the race engine intake parts. They arrived next day, were fitted to the engine, dyno tested and raced successfully at the LeMans 24 hour race… Excellent service”


The Selective Laser Sintering process requires very little post production clean-up, allowing even the most complex of components to be faithfully reproduced in Nylon and Alumide. Fully functional snap fits and living hinges can also be accurately produced using Selective Laser Sintering.

With a choice of 4 Selective Laser Sintering materials and full in house finishing services on Laser Sintered components LPE can  paint and/or Water Seal components on request.





Offering one of the widest ranges of Rapid Prototyping materials in the UK and Ireland, LPE currently stocks 4 Selective Laser Sintering materials, meeting a wide range of prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing applications and requirements:

  • Tough functional Nylon
  • Rigid Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • Flame retardant Nylon
  • Aluminium Filled LS

For further information & datasheets visit the Selective Laser Sintering Materials Page



Suitable for both one off prototyping and short production runs, our Selective Laser Sintering machine range includes:

EOS P390
Offering both Standard and Glass filled Nylon builds the EOS P390 has a build platform of approx. 320 x 320 x 550mm.

EOS P396
Consistent light quality Nylon & Glass Nylon parts, with a build platform approx 340 x 340 x 600mm.

Formiga P100
Choice of all 5 Selective Laser Sintering Materials the Formiga P100 has a build platform of approx. 193 x 242 x 322mm.

**Please note: Parts exceeding build platform dimensions can be achieved using split and bonding – for further details please contact the sales team on 028 9070 6940



Components produced using the Selective Laser Sintering process are supplied with minimal post production and have texture similar to very fine sandpaper, the following finishing options are available on request.


  • Water-sealed
  • Non Cosmetic Paint Finish – Pantone/RAL colour matching (non primed – spray painted)
  • Cosmetic Paint Finish – Pantone/RAL colour matching (parts primed prior to painting)
  • Matt
  • Satin
  • Spark – Fine/Medium
  • Gloss
  • Metal Plating



From first off prototypes to final production parts, the Selective Laser Sintering process has proven popular as a design and manufacturing aid where part functionality play a crucial role. Some of the most common applications LS include;

  • Under Bonnet Applications
  • Snap Fits / Living Hinges
  • Early Concept Models
  • Temperature Testing
  • Short Production Runs
  • Functional Models
  • Burnout Patterns


Why LPE?

Short Lead Times:

Typical lead times for Selective Laser Sintering are 3-5 working days unless otherwise stated.

Wide range of materials: 

With 4 tough, functional stock Selective Laser Sintering materials held in stock, LPE can help identify the most suitable material for your individual project requirements.

Tight Tolerances: 

Building in 0.1mm layers LPE expects a tolerance of 0.2mm/100mm on Selective Laser Sintering builds.

Expert, Impartial Advice: 

Offering a range of Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing services LPE guarantees impartial advice supported by over 25 years experience in the industry, ensuring you get the most from your Rapid Prototyping project.

Committed to Customer Service: 

An ISO 9001 & 13485 approved supplier, LPE consistently work towards excellence of both part quality and customer service. We endeavour to provide a fast, professional response to all customer enquiries and carefully monitor quality throughout the production process.

Rapid Delivery: 

LPE work with local couriers to offer free Next Day Delivery on all orders. For time sensitive projects speak to the sales team about A.M. and Saturday delivery.