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Stereolithography – Fast, Accurate Prototypes


High Resolution Rapid Prototyping Process

Stereolithography is one of the oldest and most accurate additive manufacturing technologies, and is employed widely across a range of industries such as medical devices, defence, automotive, architectural, film and manufacturing. It is a 3D printing technique used to create objects both large and small in a layer-by-layer fashion, by curing a liquid photopolymer resin with a UV laser to create a solid object. Also known as SLA, Stereolithography is a highly sought-after rapid prototyping process, as it creates high-quality, dimensionally accurate prototypes quickly and at an affordable cost.

Offering excellent surface quality, the Stereolithography process is ideal for aesthetic models for early market testing or for product photography.

The ability to create complex parts which can be difficult to produce using traditional manufacturing methods, means the stereolithography process is used to create prototypes for engineering verification, for wind tunnel testing and for fit and function testing.

“LPE has over 25 years of experience converting designs into fully functional prototype components.”

At LPE we offer a USP Grade VI approved stereolithography material called ‘watershed’ which can receive ISO13485 medical grade clean up. This allows us to produce parts which can be used in medical device applications.

Stereolithography parts can be produced in a wide selection of functional materials with extremely high-resolution features and quality surface finishes. LPE offers a range of seven functional materials and we work with you to help find the right material for your specific project requirements.

Do you require ‘show and tell’ parts to enable the validation of concept ideas and ergonomic testing? Or complex parts that are highly accurate and detailed? Just let us know, and even if you have a short lead time, we will do our utmost to deliver your prototype in the time you need it.


Key Features of LPE’s Stereolithography Services


• Cost effective• Creation of complex parts
• Fast turnaround• Quality surface finishes
• Highly accurate and finely-detailed parts• Large range of functional materials, including a USP Grade VI approved material for medical applications, black material and polished clear material
• Fully functioning prototypes• Team of experienced in-house traditional model makers and a full spray-painting booth
• High resolution parts available• Full suite of finishing and painting services including tapping and inserts
• Capable of printing large parts (maximum bed size 650mm x 750mm x550mm)• Wide range of applications


A Trusted Stereolithography Partner

LPE are an ISO 9001 & 13485 approved supplier, with over 30 years of industry experience. We are a supplier of 3D Printed components to both large and small organisations across the UK & Ireland. LPE is ideally positioned to meet the needs of both organisations and private designers.

Our in-house additive manufacturing facilities consist of five state-of-the-art machines, utilising the latest in 3D printing technologies to provide you with the highest possible specification. Learn more about our capabilities below.


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“Thanks for the race engine intake parts. They arrived next day, were fitted to the engine, dyno tested and raced successfully at the LeMans 24 hours race achieving 1st & 2nd in the LMP2 class. Excellent service.”

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