LPE would like to announce a further expansion of our UK stereolithography service with the recent installation of a large frame SLA 5000 and the addition of our 9th and 10th SLA materials available to our customers.

Somos® NeXt helps take product design to new heights with a look and feel almost indistinguishable from finished traditional thermoplastics, but with a toughness, durability and accuracy not traditionally seen in SLA resins.

This extremely durable SLA resin produces very accurate parts with high feature detail. Based on the Somos® DMX technology, Somos® NeXt is the next generation of material that facilitates the production of tough, complex parts with improved moisture resistance and greater thermal properties.

“The new material is ideal for an ever increasing demand for high quality functional prototypes.  This includes snap-fit designs, connectors, electronic covers, automotive housings ,dashboard assemblies, and product packaging. It will be invaluable across a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods and electronics.”
Campbell Evans – Sales Director

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Also available from today is Somos® PerFORM, which produces strong, stiff, high temperature resistant composite parts that are ideal for tooling and wind tunnel test applications.

With the lowest viscosity of any composite stereolithography material, parts made from Somos® PerFORM are faster to build, easier to post-process clean, possess superior sidewall quality and provide unmatched detail resolution.

Now running 10 materials across 5 SLA machines including the largest in the country (IPro) and the high resolution solution (Viper), LPE continues to offer the very latest processes, and widest range of materials available from a bureau service in the UK and Ireland.

“The addition of our 5th SLA machine allows us to offer more resins than any other bureau in the UK and Ireland and still maintain our tight leadtimes and high quality of service which our customers have come to expect from us every time. We’ve had a very busy year since moving into our new premises which has also included adding metal sintering and 5 axis CNC machining to our portfolio of customer services”
Tom Walls – Managing Director

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