We have recently added 3 new functional SLA resins to our range of stereolithography prototyping materials on offer to our customers.

The Accura 25 is a white resin with the look and feel of moulded polypropylene. Parts display a very high flexibility, excellent shape retention along with outstanding feature resolution and accuracy. Providing customers with reliable and functional prototypes, the new resin also simulates very closely injection moulded parts and can replace CNC machining of polypropylene to produce short run plastic parts.

The Accura SI50 is a durable, accurate SL material which simulates moulded ABS. Parts can withstand rigorous testing better than general purpose materials and are functionally good for snap fits and assemblies.

The Accura SI60 is a clear, tough resin which simulates the properties and appearance of polycarbonate. Good for fluid flow and visualisation models, parts are durable and stiff with excellent humidity resistance.

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