Gone are the days when Stereolithography was only useful for aesthetic testing of parts.  Tough, functional resins like Xtreme give you form, fit and function prototypes, with the same high resolution build quality and extensive design options you have come to expect from SLA.  Find out now how you can use Xtreme on your next project with LPE.

Over the years, there has been an increasing number of subtractive and additive manufacturing solutions crowding the Rapid Prototyping space. However when it comes to precision, accuracy, wall smoothness and feature details, stereolithography continues to be the technology which sets the industry benchmark.

Improvements in the functionality of SLA models has meant that as much as 35% of the SLA models LPE make today are used for jigs and fixtures, with the remainder being used for functional prototypes. These direct and indirect manufacturing applications span all industries covering every imaginable application from aerospace parts to toys.

The Xtreme resin, which is a tough, functional resin that can be used to simulate ABS, has proved to be the resin of choice for many of our customers. It is highly temperature resistant and can be used for nearly all applications including snap fit assemblies and also for parts that would normally would be produced by machining in plastic.

Aside from Xtreme, we offer six other resins with a range of properties suitable for a variety of applications. The range of materials available at LPE is continuously expanding and we hope to add to our range of resins with the addition of some new DSM Somos resins in the near future.

For more details on Xtreme, or one of the many other materials we offer, take a look at our materials page.  If you have any further questions, or want to discuss which material would be most suitable for your project, please get in touch via phone on 028 9070 6940 or email sales@laserproto.com .

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