LPE has recently introduced new rubber materials to our UK vacuum casting service. Food safe silicone components can now be produced within days at the Belfast RP bureau…

The new Smooth-Sil® 940, the Sorta Clear® Series of rubber materials provides customers with a food safe option for prototypes and low volume production components.  The new silicone rubber materilas are even suitable for making baking moulds and trays, ice trays, casting butter, chocolate and other applications used to produce foods.

While some silicones are certified safe for basic food contact, these materials have been tested by an independent laboratory to comply with the total extractive limits. Parts can be used extensively in food preparation for trays, moulds, silicone rubber utensils etc.
Available in Shore 18A, 37A and 40A hardness, these rubber materials feature high tensile and tear strength.  Parts can also be pigmented to match a customer’s colour of preference.
With FDA compliance, customers can also use the new silicone materials to produce low volume production runs of parts in just a few days.

“We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve for ALL our customers. Prototypes or production, we can provide to a range of industries, and these new materials opens that even further. We are also currently looking into several new materials in both our casting range and across our processes, from plastics to metals. So watch this space…”
Campbell Evans – Sales Director

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