Medical Prototypes



LPE can produce a wide range of Medical Prototypes, from anatomical models to hand held appliances, rubber components, and large scale surgical units. We offer a complete range of medical services from concept models and prototype testing to low volume production runs.

Our ISO 13485 quality standard for the production of medical appliances highlights our commitment to our customers in this industry. The introduction of materials which are ISO and USP Grade VI approved for clinical testing gives customers much more scope in product development cycles, with the ability to quickly produce and clinically test medical prototypes.

High production costs and low quantity requirements make short run Rapid Manufacturing solutions ideal for large housing units and surgical lighting equipment.

Concept models can be produced quickly and cost effectively for accurate ergonomic testing of medical instruments to allow for easy design changes and/or the confidence to proceed into manufacture.


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Lighting the Way

Medical Prototypes - Brandon Lighting

The customer sought to create cost efficiencies for high value, low volume products through the implementation of JIT style manufacturing of low value components.

The LPE Solution

With both SLA and Vacuum Casting offered in house LPE were able to offer a complete solution. An SLA master pattern was created and verified by the customer prior to its use for the creation of a Vacuum Casting Mould. Temperature resistant components could then be produced to order in a range of colours to meet customer specifications  Read more>>